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Rossi: Hot Improvements Have Been Remarkable

When recently asked if whether or not he considers the current production of one or both of his e-cats to be in the Beta testing stage of development, Andrea Rossi answered that the tests in course are made on the Hot Cat or the high temperature e-cat unit. This is the version of the e-cat [...]

E-cat Factory Highlighted In JONP

The Journal of Nuclear Physics or JONP is the official blog or website of Andrea Rossi. The Italian inventor is the man behind the new and controversial energy catalyzer device or e-cat. The invention is an LENR based technology that uses an unknown catalyst to begin reactions between nickel and hydrogen in order to generate [...]

Rossi Gives Update On A Real 1 MW Plant

Last November 2012, the website reported:

New Research Can Affect Hydrogen Reactions, LENR

Frank Acland of the E-cat World website shared very interesting news about a new research that can possibly affect the known theory behind hydrogen reactions. Acland said that he does not know whether or not the observation has a bearing on experiments related to Low Energy Nuclear Reaction. Acland wrote:

The Importance Of Heat Production In E-cat

When it comes to the heat production in the e-cat, there have been several updates posted on Andrea Rossi’s official blog Journal of Nuclear Physics. The Italian inventor continues to receive inquiries and questions about the potentials and benefits of his LENR based technology. Many people are excited to provide suggestions and recommendations surrounding the [...]

High Level Scientific Magazine To Publish E-cat Report

The e-cat report by an independependent third party validator is currently the most talked about topic on Andrea Rossi’s official website Journal of Nuclear Physics. The Italian inventor stated that the third party e-cat report is no longer under his control. In addition, he cannot even urge the validator for publication. This means that Rossi [...]

Some E-cat Changes Made By New Partner

Andrea Rossi has already disclosed the philosophy that he shares with his new US partner. On his official blog Journal of Nuclear Physics, the Italian inventor revealed the philosophy, which is based on four pillars:

Rossi Aims To Satisfy Customers, Not To Silence Critics

The inception of the e-cat LENR based technology of Andrea Rossi created a stir. The Italian inventor understands that his invention will definitely shock the scientific and academic community because it points out that cold fusion/LENR experiment is valid and does exist. There is also no denying that the device receives quite a number of [...]

Concerns On Home E-cat Certification

The approval of the domestic e-cat certification is currently the most talked about topic in the e-cat community. Andrea Rossi’s LENR based technology for home heating purposes has yet to get certified until now. Many e-cat followers are concerned about the delay. Some e-cat enthusiasts are even worried. They are afraid that they will never [...]

Andrea Rossi’s Title

In these articles, we refer to Andrea Rossi, and other scientists, physicists, and professionals simply by their last name. This is not as an insult, or in an attempt to overlook their well-earned qualifications, but in order to simplify references. While some countries prefer the term “Prof.”, “Eng.”, “Mr.”, or “Dr.”, sometimes the terms can [...]