E-Cat Guide Investigates Cold Rossi Factory in Bologna

The E-Cat guide has dedicated its efforts to find and share answers about the latest issues and develops in the energy catalyzer production and development. One of the latest updates on the Andrea Rossi website released an E-Cat guide that noticed Italian inventor as seen in a video taken in Bologna more particularly inside a fusion device factory and lab. The thing that struck most people’s attention is that he was dressed in a thick winter frock.

The indication that this place that claimed to have developed the ultimate heating device was cold has caused many inquiries as to why the E-Cats were not used to heat up the factory. The E-Cat guide was on standby to await the response of Rossi himself. Rossi explained that the facility in Bologna was only used at certain occasion for experiments and tests. When left unused, the temperatures drop to two and five degrees Celsius inside.  In relation to the heating problem he continues, is the size of the building. The factory is has 10,000 square feet or in meters 1000 and has the height of 6 meters or 18 feet coming up to a total of  6,000 cubic meters.

Rossi calculated that the heating of such an area would from three degrees to 15 degrees Celsius would take many hours. Further, he also explained that the test 10 kilo watt e-cats are placed in enclosed rooms and used only now and again. Cold fusion watchers have always credited Rossi for giving uncomplicated straight forward answers to satisfy the curiosity of the excited energy consumer and he did it again. It is also understood that this energy device has not created any substantial profit yet and that energy preservation for such big facilities only makes sense, especially if they are only used infrequently.

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